YAMAHA FX FZR FZS SHO SVHO R&D Supercharger/Clutch Drive Holding Tool

$89.99 $79.97

The R&D Yamaha SHO/FZ/FZR Supercharger/Clutch Drive Holding Tool was designed and developed to make Supercharger Clutch change outs fast and easy. If you have ever changed out a failed clutch on a Supercharged YAMAHA, then one look at the tool offered in the picture will tell you that at least 1-2 hours can be saved on a single clutch drive change out. The R&D tool allows the lower supercharger drive gear (on the crankshaft) to be held solid while the main gears bolt is easily removed. After the drive gear is removed, the clutch assembly can be taken apart and serviced out with a new Sprague clutch, and be reassembled to the crank. Tightening and torquing the drive gear bolt is made simple with the use of this tool. A must have tool to do the job right without damaging expensive parts.