SXR 1500 R&D Steering Plate

$116.96 $114.97

The R&D KAWASAKI SXR Steering Plate was designed to relocate (move) the handlebars forward .750”, as well as allow aftermarket 4 degree handlebars to be added which allows the rider positioning on the craft to move forward 1.5-2.5 inches further forward! The Plate also has two steering cable ball pivot locations to accommodate the allowable options on pin locations, as well as an offshore friendly setting. The R&D Steering Plate also has a redesigned stop system, which will allow the steering plate to be relocated 1” Forward. NOTE: Must use the R&D steering sub-plate shaft Pt. # 521-80020 Available from R&D! Note: The Offshore friendly setting was used in the Mark Hahn 300.